Générateur de caisse claire avec 7 moteurs audio

Faceplate of the Lust Engine 1 of the 7 engines composing the 7DeadlySnares







Obtenez votre Sample Pack de Snares GRATUIT

Parmi des millions de possibilités, nous avons sélectionné 70 échantillons de caisse claire uniques générés par 7DeadlySnares pour que vous puissiez les utiliser dans vos propres rythmes. Téléchargez le ci-dessous GRATUITEMENT !

Collaboration d'artistes // Herrmutt Lobby

Herrmutt Lobby - founders of Druw Audio, BEATSURFING

Le premier plugin des musiciens et développeurs primés à l’origine des applications Playground et BEATSURING.

Conscients du cliché de la lutte pour trouver la caisse claire parfaite, nous avons adopté une nouvelle approche. Nous avons sélectionné des styles de caisse claire distincts pour différents genres, ce qui a donné vie à 7 moteurs de caisse claire uniques.

Laissez-vous séduire par le générateur de caisse claire ultime, doté de 7 moteurs audio uniques et d'une vaste sélection de préréglages.

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Windows 7 ou version ultérieure
Processeur Pentium IV à 2 GHz ou équivalent
Un hôte qui prend en charge les logiciels VST 32 bits ou 64 bits.
Au moins 335 Mo d’espace disque disponible
Formats : VST, VST3, AAX


macOS 10.13 High Sierra ou version ultérieure
Processeur Intel ou Apple Silicon
Une application hôte qui prend en charge les logiciels VST ou AudioUnit 64 bits.
au moins 335 Mo d’espace disque disponible
Formats : AU, VST, VST3, AAX


1. Go on the beatsurfing.com/ page or on the page detail and click on “Buy it Now“. You will automatically be sent to the check out page. You can always go back to the store to continue shopping.

2. Click “Proceed to checkout

4. Fill your details for the Billing and click on “Place order


7DeadlySnares Downloaders

Here, you will find all the links to download the upgrade of 7DeadlySnares plugin.
Download the file here and paste your serial number from your user account.

Note: If you didn't purchase 7DeadlySnares, you won't be able to use it. You need the license delivered when you purchased 7DeadlySnares to activate it. If you bought 7DeadlySnares from a reseller, you can download the file here and copy your license delivered by the reseller when you purchased it.

Choose the version regarding your Operating System (PC or Mac) and your location.

v.1.1.1 - March 15th 2024

Mac - PC

v.1.1.0 - December 8th 2023

Mac - PC


Download 7DeadlySnares - Right after purchase

After (previously) clicking 'Place order' you land on a summary page of your purchase.

1. Click '7DeadlySnares Downloader' button and 'Save' on your computer.

Note: the file is more than 600Mo

Download 7DeadlySnares - From the order confirmation email you received

After purchasing, you received an email with the subject: "Your BEATSURFING VSTs order is now complete".

1. Click the link '7DeadlySnares Downloader' PC or Mac

Download 7DeadlySnares - From your account

When placing your order, an account that you can access anytime has automatically been created: https://beatsurfing.com/my-account/downloads/

Note: If you are not automatically connected, please refer to the email "Your BEATSURFING VSTs account has been created" received when you placed your order or when you created an account on the beatsurfing.com website.

1. Go to the 'Downloads' tab on the right side of your screen.
2. Click '7DeadlySnares Download' button Mac or PC

1. Download 7DeadlySnares.pkg installer file from your BEATSURFING VSTs account and double-click it to begin the installation process. (experiencing some trouble, check below)
2. Click 'Continue'

3. Click 'Install'

4. Fill in your computer session username and password, then click 'Install Software'

5. Click 'Close' and restart your computer

1. Download 7DeadlySnares.zip and unzip the installer file "7DeadlySnaresWin103.exe" to a folder of your liking.
2. Run the installer "7DeadlySnaresWin103.exe" and follow the steps to install.

After purchasing, find the binary file from Your account dashboard in the 'Downloads' tab.

After purchasing 7DeadlySnares (Trial or Perpetual) your License key appeared on your Licenses page: https://beatsurfing.com/my-license/
Note: Each license can be activated on 2 devices either for macOS or Windows.

1. Copy your License number
2. Open the 7DeadlySnares from your DAW

3. Enter your license key number while launching the VST


If '7DeadlySnares' doesn't appear in Ableton live, "Rescan" your Plug-In Sources in Ableton Live 'Preferences', in the Plug-ins tab.

Find answers to your questions in our 7DeadlySnares user guide pdf file.

7DeadlySnares user guide cover

Didn't find what you were looking for? Check our knowledge base and if you don't find your answer send and email to support@beatsurfing.com.






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