BEATSURING crew & friends @ Wallifornia Music Tech Summit

We are BEATSURFING collective – where artist - creators unite and pioneer.
Together with our friends, we create real-time, expressive audio plugins.

Herrmutt Lobby aka BEATSURFING are award winning musicians/developers. Since 1997 these Musicians, Beat Makers, and Scratch Nerds have been pushing the boundaries with their experimental approach to music. They are known worldwide for their eclectic, thought-provoking creations that span genres, and their dynamic live shows that provide a unique audio-visual experience.

In addition to our music, Herrmutt Lobby created the award-winning iOS app “Playground Organic Remix” and its successor BEATSURFING 2. BEATSURFING lets users get hands-on to create and perform music in an intuitive way, with a range of tools and effects that allow for endless creativity. The apps have been praised for their innovative approach to music creation, and have won awards from Apple, Red Dot Design, and more.

Through their albums, beats, collaborations with innovative artists, and technological innovation via apps and plugins, the BEATSURFING crew continue to inspire listeners and creators to push the boundaries of what is possible in music and tech.




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